Sound of Music

25 Oct

I have always been a great listener of songs and music, like most other people..:).. Recently, I tried to venture into learning piano which was something that I always wanted to do and didnt pursue, for no apparent reason. My wife Shoba presented me with a piano for my last birthday and thus triggered me to cherish my favourite interest. As a general principle, I think all of us should pursue our interests without just “thinking” about it. There is no “good time” than “now”…

It is interesting to see how immensely complex things in nature have a simplified underlying element. Same is true with music. There are only 7 tones with different octaves and apparently any music can be explained using just those. It is like a language, only played through fingers…

Music is interesting… If you think about it, nobody taught you about how to hum a music, whereas you really learn languages all through your school and still it takes a lot of time to represent our thoughts (atleast me…)… It is an inherent ability to reproduce the sound that you hear with the same connotations without having to learn…think about it….

It is simply amazing how great composers like mozart, bach and beethoven could visualise all the musical instruments in mind and write notes for the everlasting symphonies that still lives in our minds. In order to appreciate classical music, I would recommend you to do this. When you hear a classical music next time, try to differentiate the different instruments involved in it. On top of it, think about the composer who should have visualised the entire music played by all those instruments even before it was played. Having thought about the imaginations and complexities involved in writing symphonies, I think of great composers to be some of the smartest people in their own accord. Whether my effort to learn piano will be fruitful or not, is another topic for discussion..:).. But, I am sure the whole experience has opened up my eye to a whole new world.

I like to learn new stuffs. Even a delta-improvement from zero on a stuff that you have never learnt makes your incremental knowledge in the topic to be infinite. Who wouldnt want to make an infinite leap of achievement with just a delta improvement in learning something new. It is all about visualisation….


Posted by on October 25, 2005 in From AM-KICKING blog


3 responses to “Sound of Music

  1. BrainWaves

    October 25, 2005 at 5:26 pm

    Dude, Just when I thought you wrote a topic without your signature..Boomm.. you came up with Delta and Infinite.

    It is amazing and inspiring to see you learn totally new think and excel (for my point of view ofcourse :)) at that.
    And that also says high about training properly instead of adhoc methods. I remember another friend of mine,learning on his own for 3+ years. You got to that level of in 3+ months.

    Keep playing piano. (when I am not around ofcourse!)

  2. Saumya

    October 25, 2005 at 7:55 pm

    Hey Mindframes – got me thinking. Ever wondered on drawing parallels between Indian classical and western classical music? I am sure it is interesting. Lots of people have done it, I know. But the essence is appreciating it through our own eyes.

  3. Survivor

    October 27, 2005 at 4:25 am

    I am listening to the sound of music everyday !!!:-) and it is definitely lovely since I am a fan of classical music too.Actually, music serves one more purpose in our house..Whenever the neighbour drums loudly,Mindframes shows his piano skills real loud(I mean REAL LOUD) till they shut up….Some fun,huh?


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