How was your weekend

01 Nov

As my biological clock was still running in daylight savings mode, I woke up an hour early this morning and reached work at 8:11 AM.
8:12 AM : Just peeped into my boss’s office to show my face. Yep !! I AM EARLY BOSS!!.You better notice me now.I answered his question,”Hey,you are early today. How was your weekend?” with a “Great. Relaxing” and left his office with a big grin on my face. Mission accomplished. Now , I can leave at 5:00.
8:30AM: I bumped into Bob in the hallway. He greets me with a “Hi Shoba, Good morning !How was your weekend?”. ” Pretty good . How was yours?” and I had to listen to Bob’s non-stop banter about how he tried to paint his house and sprained his ankle.All this with the customary “oh!! Too bad..Is that so…” on and on.Finally escaping ,I found shelter in my 6 foot cubicle and plopped into my chair.
9:00 AM: Had to attend nature’s call and saw Ben walking towards me with a pleasant smile on his face. I like him .He is a nice and courteous guy.Hence, he had to ask the customary question..”Hey, How was your weekend?”. I smiled back with a “Nice” and careful not to repeat the question. There…I made it without having to stop.
9:05 AM: On my way back from the restroom, I encountered Martha.Not that I like her, but still etiquette demands I greet her. I stopped with a simple “Hello Martha” and out comes “Hey Shoba !! How was your weekend?” accompanied with her own patented squeak.By now, I dont feel like answering that question any more, I just smile and answer it with an “Excuse me” ,run to find solace in my cubicle.
9:30 AM: Paul comes over to inform me that the tester is free and I can use it.Ofcourse, he starts with “How was your weekend,pal?”.What do I answer ? I tried answering with all the regular answers that I could find.
What do people want to know about your weekend?. Will it interest him if I said that the most exciting moment of my weekend was trying to pick between peaches and apples while grocery shopping. Will it interest him if I said that I spent approximately 9 hours every day just watching TV ,lying on my couch with a bag of Murrukus(indian snack) on my lap.

I thought weekends are meant for resting.Its like people are waiting to pounce on you. I find it irksome. Mr.Jeeves would have said, “I think, Ma’m, the word you are looking for, is annoying”.

Actually,this goes on through out the week. On Wednesdays, it is “Middle of the week, huh? “,”Oh boy!It is wednesday “. On thursday, ” Just two more days to go,buddy”.On friday,we are back to ” Any plans for weekend” . And ofcourse, you better give me an update on Monday how you spent your weekend.


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4 responses to “How was your weekend

  1. BrainWaves

    November 1, 2005 at 4:39 am

    You coherently put what I and lot of us want to convey.

    That unique quality made his article all the more interesting. Keep writing. (I resist my temptation to add one “How was your weekend joke”)

  2. Mindframes

    November 1, 2005 at 6:06 pm

    I guess, it is proportional to how much we know the person or not. If my close friends ask the same question, I somehow find it interesting and I answer more elaborately than they want to hear…:)

  3. sdpal

    November 1, 2005 at 8:12 pm

    I remember once answering.. “Great”, to the how was your weekend question. Unfortunately, the other person stopped and asked “What was great about it”. Well, I stumbled for a couple of seconds. Wasnt prepared to answer that part yet. Any how, I managed to answer, that I went to visit my family and had a great time. From then on, its just “Its ok”… “Yeah.. it was fine”… “Good”.

  4. Calm & Serene

    December 30, 2005 at 6:31 pm

    Usually I resort to: “Wonderful! I did things I really like to do!” That way, I don’t have to explain that I like idling around the house, cleaning the house in an old night suit, and taking the 1.5 hour nap in the middle of the day!!!


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