03 Apr

Yesterday, I watched a movie called “Bluff Master”. Though it wont be in my list of recommendations for sure, there are parts of it which I really liked. Especially, the dialogues. One of them created a lasting impression on me.

There is a time when the hero (abhishek bachan) would hear that he only has 3 months to live. Obviously, abshishek will be really shaken. The doctor and abhishek would have a conversation about what the next 3 months has in store for him. The doctor would say, “Life is full of moments. The more moments you have, you can be assured that you have lived a richer life. Remember the things that you would never forget. Imagine the time when you first learnt how to drive a bicycle, your remarkable achievement in class, your first kiss, the first time your heart was broken and so on. If you count those days, how many do you get? 5, 10, 20..30? You have 90 more days to live. If you cherish each day and live the best life you possibly can, you have 3 lifetime worth of time left to you…. No one knows when their life is going to end. The good news is that, you know it. So, live it rich.” Optimism at its best…

As I usually banter around, I think passion drives life. One question that everyone need to think about is that, if today were your last day of your life, would you do the same as what you are about to do today. If the answer has been “no” for a while, then, there definitely needs to be a change. One of the quote that has stuck to me is that, “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.” It made a deep impression on me. It is the quality, not quantity, that adds richness to life…


Posted by on April 3, 2006 in From AM-KICKING blog


2 responses to “Moments…

  1. Calm & Serene

    April 3, 2006 at 9:52 pm

    Yep…..Sriks was referring to this particular dialogue. It’s funny how we ignore the obvious, till it is stated explicitly. YES! Go have fun!

  2. Survivor

    April 3, 2006 at 10:08 pm

    We dont ignore the obvious, we just take life for granted and postpone our fun moment till we are faced with a situation as in the movie, though it is easier said than done that quality is more important than quantity.
    Interestingly, when I was watching that particular scene, I was wondering how Abhishek would feel when someone who doesnot have only 3 months to live makes such a statement…Again, thats another perspective..


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