An exhausted landing..

30 Jun

I landed at Banglore two days ago , all thrilled and excited to meet my parents and sister’s family after 2.5 years .The excitement of going home was further affirmed when I could feel the heat at the airport even at 4:30 AM . On to immigration, where I was treated with a fixed stare from the INS guy, who didn’t even acknowledge my “thanks” with a smile , but rather gave me a blank look and handed me the passport.I knew I was in India and somehow, it felt good too. I was one of the first few to come out of the aircraft ,having had the privilege of sitting in the very first seat in the economy class. With a big stupid ,tired grin on my face, I ran to the baggage claim , found a porter who was eager to help me. Hmmm…these porters are good.They can easily figure out people who need help and try to cash in . The understanding among the porter clan is excellent and they pick out customers without any interference. My happiness ended right there. Inspite of coming out first, my baggage was one of the last few to come out..Am I lucky or what? I was standing in the baggage reclaim area for an hour, staring at the belt where some of the baggages were going in loops again and again for want of someone to pick it up.There was a sandal and a brassiere in the belt , which I was forced to watch go through multiple rotations . There were a handful of us who were enjoying the scenario and making fun of it.I took my camera out to take a picture and was about to click when I realised that photography is banned in the airport. Thank God ! Wonder how people might have cashed in on that. Anyway, all the others went their way wishing me luck with my baggage. AND THERE IT WAS !! I shrieked with delight and shouted to the porter to pick it out before it goes to neverland…On to the customs, who got suspicious and wanted to check out my baggage and asked me about all the gifts that were inside , picking them out in the XRAY machine.It was all in negative and only black and white. It was more like a game…3 people surrounding the machine, figuring out what those items were..One guy goes..”I know thats a watch ,for sure!”. I answered with a polite “Thank you for that information..I actually was not sure if it was a watch when I bought it”. After 23 hours of travel, and 1 long hour of looking at a brassier in a conveyor belt, I couldn’t identify most of the items in my suitcase…Finally, taking pity, the guys let me go…and I ran out to meet my beloved dad and sis……And then it hit me!!YES!!I am Home !! This is the only place where you can find a sandal in the belt, where people are not artificial nice and where people try to encash everything…..Hooray !!


Posted by on June 30, 2006 in From AM-KICKING blog


2 responses to “An exhausted landing..

  1. BrainWaves

    July 2, 2006 at 8:55 am

    Exhaustion, Frustration, Sarcasm, Tired..

    Didn’t you ask for a change? 🙂

    On a serious note, it is a different world and the more we live in USA the more we forget how to live there.

  2. bumblebee

    July 4, 2006 at 8:05 pm

    I am looking forward to my turn in a few months. Thank God (or the IATA) for making luggage restrictions. At last we can carry petite, but real gifts for family.


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