Why I like Telemarketers…

06 Jul

I got a call from a telemarketer yesterday as I always do. As frustrating as it is when I hear them spell my last name to find if I am at home, I had to reason on why I do not want to talk to them. When it goes above my listening threshold, especially when they start talking about why I should listen to them (aka why I am being stupid), I hang up the phone, acting as per their well thought out perception..:)..

However, this entire process got me thinking. If I replay the entire conversation back in my mind and how I responded, I found myself remarkably honest with them. Not only that, it was an honest call from their part and they were clear about whom and what they wanted to talk. That amused me. There are numerous times when I have gotten calls from people whose real intention was not to talk to me. As well mannered as I am..;), I like to respond with some sweet talk responses, while my mind is totally onto finishing the quick conversation into handing the phone over to my other half…should I say better half..:)

Time goes by… These days, I have decided to not pick up the phone if it is not intended for me (caller id is a great thing). If I happen to pick up the phone, I try to give a straight answer on whether the intended person is available or not. If available, I just pass over the phone. My theory is very simple. When someone on the other side of the line doesnt give a damn about who you are, why should they be reciprocated with any sweet chats whatsoever just for the heck of it. The same condition is true when I call someone as well. I directly get to who I want to talk to. Not to say that I am perfect in any sense. But, I get frustrated with artificially cementing out imperfections with niceness when it is not mandated…

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Posted by on July 6, 2006 in From AM-KICKING blog


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