All in a day

14 Sep

She walks into the Gym , all set to have a good workout.

Ann and Jennifer are talking about Alaska. Ann has plans of taking an
Alaskan cruise next year. Jennifer says,” Oh! I love Alaska. We are
thinking of taking another cruise. That place is abundant with
nature”. Ann says that she is really thrilled and is already looking
forward to it though it is 6 months away. Jen says,” There is this
place south of anchorage….I don’t remember its name. We took a train
ride and it was wonderful”.

” Hey! Alaska is lovely gals. I wish I could travel more
often. Jen, I think you are talking about Seward. It will always be my
most memorable train journey. Ann, you would love it.”

” I think Jen is talking about Seward. It was quite a
memorable ride. These girls always find something to talk about. Give
me a break. The trip is 6 months away and she is already gushing over
it. There is abundant nature in California too.”

” Shit! I wish that guy at least had some decency to tell
me why my raise was a meager 3% . He has an intellectual vacuum
surrounding him and has the audacity to call me incompetent. How dare
he?. Maybe, I should have just retaliated .So what if he is my boss.”

Ann and Jennifer’s conversation is steering towards TV programs and
they are talking about the fifth anniversary of 9/11. Ann is talking
about the United 93 and the TV program which telecasted the fate of
the family members of the people who fought with the terrorists. Jen
says she watched just a snippet as it is depressing and leaves her

” I watched the show too. Looks like they have created a
monument in the name of the seven crew members who traveled in
United93.It is certainly a very touching episode in our lives.”

” Oh yes !! All they can talk about are TV programs and the
latest diet programs. I am sure those two have not really experienced
a loss as big as the 9/11 episode. Its nothing but frivolous talk.”

” How dare he? I should seriously think about quitting this
company. This guy is an oxymoron. He is a nincompoop. Maybe I should
talk to the GM about it.”

She walks out of the Gym,deliberating.

” Not a bad day after all. Maybe we could go out for dinner .”

“What a day ! .I wish my headache would get better.”

“The worst day of my life.I want to quit.”


Posted by on September 14, 2006 in From AM-KICKING blog


2 responses to “All in a day

  1. BrainWaves

    September 15, 2006 at 5:06 pm

    Very interesting blog. Liked the implicit (or is it very excplicit?)”good thoughts = feeling good ” idea.

    If only we capture all the thoughts we get through different times.. human race will go crazy 🙂

  2. Mindframes

    September 15, 2006 at 8:29 pm

    I initially thought there were 3 different people thinking in their own worlds before realising that it is the same person in three different contexts… It shows how people perceive others based on what context they are in and what context the other person is into. If there is a matching of context in the first meeting, thats when people get along with each other instantaneously…Then, ofcourse, reality takes its toll…:)


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