What do you want?

05 Dec

We all spend a lot of time in different types of organizations associating ourselves with different people. We have people whom we look up to, as a role model, as a leader. When I say role models and leaders, it indirectly maps to the company that one works for as well. What does one look for in a company? What does one look for in a manager/leader/role model? I had different answers to these questions based on different times along my career. However, the questions still mystifies me. Is it the money? Is it job satisfaction? Is it the quality of people around you? Is it about how trust worthy your leaders are? Is it about how friendly the environment is? I understand that everyone would like to have the best of all worlds. Without revealing what I consider to be the most important thing, I was hoping to hear some perspectives from people on what they think are important based on importance levels…. What do you all think?


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4 responses to “What do you want?

  1. Injikadan Mathai

    December 5, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    TO me a role model or a leader is a person who leads by example. If I were to put this in context to academics, a professor who can see through academic research and present alternative perspectives in a simple manner ranks way above someone who abstracts away (to be fair lot of ppl think this is really hard stuff) and talk about things which makes sense to a few ppl. In other words, if your claim to fame is that you have crossed the existing boundaries of development in your field and you have a clear understading of your own work, it should not be so difficult for you to explain your
    work in simple terms. Therefore in short I value expertise, humility and ability to communicate in their chosen fields.

    Money never defines success (in my books). I guess the question one should really ask is what is your passion? For instance some ppl have a passion for music. They might not be the most educated or the most refined of people but they enjoy their music so much that they are very good at it and money tends to follow. In my experience, most people end up doing jobs which never really was their first interest. For instance I have several friends who went into engineering careers just coz their parents pushed them into engineering (as this was the only profession worthy of attention in the early to mid 1990’s). Several of them dont enjoy their jobs writing code and doing whatever but are forced to continue coz now its a little late in the day to think of other options. Therefore job satisfaction is important too. However it is but fair to take into account that trade offs will exist.

    For instance I believe that the job satisfaction constraint will not apply to me (hopefully) on account of the fact that I have self selected into a program or line of work which I thought would be most satisfying for me. Similarly for others, some factors associated with their self selection should remove constraints. But if I were to choose just one factor assuming all constraints existed, I would go for Quality of the people i’m working with. When I say quality it is the ability to produce high quality work as a team and individually (depending on the nature of work). When surrounded by high quality people, it can help put pressure on you to perform to the best of your abilities.

  2. Survivor

    December 7, 2006 at 6:36 am

    According to me…Good leaders are those who can be a role model and who are capable of motivating others…
    They should be able to recognise talent and hire the right people.

  3. Saumya

    December 7, 2006 at 4:40 pm

    There is no 1 quality that sets a leader apart. But, I value a leader who I can trust and go to in times of crisis. A calm head where there is pandemonium. Often, I have seen people who are hyper in regular situations, but amazingly composed in times of real crisis. If you ask me, true leadership portrays itself then.

  4. sdpal

    December 7, 2006 at 6:01 pm

    (I tried not to read comments and answer this. Because most of the time, the comments persuade my comment)
    Well, the problem is I dont think.. I just go with the flow (although its good for that moment.. its not good for overall run). Man!! you made me think..
    Now, I have to think, whats important.


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