Obsolete Skills

27 Dec
As I was about to dump the paper with the hotel to airport direction written on it, I remembered a distant friend who used to keep all the direction print-outs he ever took in his car and reuse them. But in these days of navigation systems, what will you do with that piled print-outs? I know I know the organized skill set is applicable universally. But still…

There are people who can recite Shakespeare’s play without missing a word, remember all the cricket score, be proficient in one specific skill etc. What will they do when the world changed and lost interest in that skill? The same skill once was praised, respected and admired. The same skill which provided positive feedback to their self-esteem.

Of course there are some core competencies which led you to develop these specific skill sets which will make you adapt and learn new ones based on the trend or there are timeless skills which could be learnt. Or we can stop caring about what others think and learn & repeat (even if there is no one to listen)

Even in our careers when we step out of our comfort zone we may have the same question hanging around. Is our skill relevant or obsolete? But again in careers the time it takes to become irrelevant is little longer and hence we may be safe.

New year coming around which triggers the resolution part of the Brain which was rusty with lack of use for an year 🙂 So the ramblings..!



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3 responses to “Obsolete Skills

  1. Mindframes

    December 31, 2007 at 2:57 am

    Interesting point… I am a little confused about the very definition of skill though…I think there is some discontinuity between skill-set and character/behavior. For example, I am not sure if being organized is a skill…

    Reciting all shakespeare plays without missing a beat can still be a “valuable” skill, if you are a drama artist working in broadway… Remembering all cricket scores is a “valuable” skill if you are the commentator and so on…In short, I think, a skill is a skill is a skill..:)

    I think, as long as one doesnt associate money-making with a specific skill, the term obsolete is immaterial… Personally, I believe any skill can be learnt as long as one has the passion and curiosity to learn it…

  2. BrainWaves

    January 1, 2008 at 2:43 am

    I agree. I intermixed skill & character.

    If the skill you have is not useful or respected anymore OR if it was useful in the past as money making tool and not anymore (ex: type writer repairing) ..those are the things I was talking about.

    Cricket score for commentators is required & valuable.
    Whereas, individual remembering cricket score will give him special status among cricket loving Indian surroundings and may not get anything if he is among Football loving americans.

  3. sdpal

    January 29, 2008 at 12:38 am

    I think you chose the wrong examples here.. But still a good thought..


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