Star Trek – a nostalgic movie

27 May

Nostalgia, nostalgia,nostalgia. Thats what Star Trek is all about. It goes where no movie has ever gone before. Personally, for me, the nostalgia is all about the TV series that we used to watch as kids , in channel Doordarshan. I used to be exhilarated when watching every episode , with captain Kirk and Spock being the hot favorites. I did have a crush on William Shatner , only to realize that he was quite old …LOL..and my whole impression got shattered after watching him as a grumpy ,eccentric old man in Boston Legal. The movie is also nostalgic and lets us relive some of the famous Star Trek moments and showing how the crew formed with Kirk as the captain.

SPOILER ALERT: If you are a Trekkie, don’t read further as it might spoil the eureka moment for you while watching the movie. The movie revolves around all the crew members, and gives equal prominence to both Spock and Kirk. We see how Spock evolved to be a logical Vulcan with human emotions and the difficulties he faces as a kid , while bullied by other Vulcans. Kirk is shown as a young man who steals a car and goes joyriding, nearly killing himself in the process.The two eventually meet and the movie revolves around their personality clash.
When a time-traveling Romulan , Captain Nero from the future arrives in Federation space intent on destroying Spock’s home planet of Vulcan along with Earth, Spock, Kirk and the untested crew of the starship Enterprise pull together to stop him , which is the crux of the movie. I assumed this movie was just showing how the whole Star Fleet came to be, but instead the element of surprise is that it is a parallel universe and we get to see the older Spock from the future, traveling back in the end to meet the younger Spock.

Spock is played by Sylar(Zachary Quinto) from Heroes and he has this uncanny resemblance with the elder Spock(Leonard Nimoy) .There is no question about Leonard’s performance as we have seen him acting for decades but Zachary fits the role to a T and has portrayed the emotional turmoil or rather the turmoil between logic and emotion very well.Chris Pine as James Kirk has done a good job too though I enjoyed Spock more as I have always liked him just a wee bit more than Kirk. Eric Bana as Captain Nero is likable, if I may use that word for a villain. The rest of the crew including the doc, the russian, the scientist have all given their best. Even for non Star Trek fans, this movie is enthralling.

Worth watching, this movie is. – as Yoda( from Star Wars) would have said it.

My Presonal Rating: 4 Stars

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One response to “Star Trek – a nostalgic movie

  1. saumya

    May 30, 2009 at 9:07 am

    Hmm….somehow, I did not watch Star Trek at all while growing up! I only remember heavily jewelled / made up men and women in Ramayan/Mahabharat etc.

    I must watch this movie – Sri also said it is good.


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