Corn Vs Corn

25 Aug

Our house is filled with misinterpretations galore and if you add confusions and lack of hearing to the mix, you get a plethora of misunderstandings. Here comes Corn vs Corn.
Here is what the dictionary says,
Corn is defined as a tall annual cereal grass bearing kernels on large ears: widely cultivated in America in many varieties; the principal cereal in Mexico and Central and South America since pre-Columbian times . The other meaning ..
Corn is known as a hard thickening of the skin (especially on the top or sides of the toes) caused by the pressure of ill-fitting shoes.Suresh afflicted with the latter Corn enters the house , and frustratingly starts

Su: I hate Corns.
Sh(Watching TV) : Hmm… Me Too. Some of them are so hard.
Su: Really ! I thought all of them turn out to be hard.
Sh: No, you get soft ones too. They are juicy as well.
Su: Yuck ! What do you mean by juicy? I have heard that those that grow between toes are the softer ones .
Sh: (Hearing Toes as Rows) They are mostly grown in rows. I love looking at those baby corns.
Su: What do you mean by baby corns? You mean the smaller ones. They are equally painful.
Sh: What ? Painful ? Man! They are so soft. Doesn’t hurt at all.
Su: I don’t know in which world you are living in. Need to go and get a cap for this.
Sh: (Hearing Cap as Tap) Tap ? Are they so dirty? Just wash it in the kitchen sink.
Su: In the sink?? WTF? Why would I wash it in the sink?
Sh: What is wrong in washing a corn in the sink?
Su ( Close to tears): What is wrong with you , woman?
Wisdom dawns on Sh, on seeing Su with a foot over the sink…., but not the one to be beaten so easily, Sh helps Su to put his foot down saying,” Oh!! That was pure Corn (Slang Something considered trite, dated, melodramatic, or unduly sentimental.)”.

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Posted by on August 25, 2009 in General, Humor.. or not?


3 responses to “Corn Vs Corn

  1. Saumya

    August 26, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Let a man enjoy his pain Sh. Corn-oda kashtam pattadhaan puriyum.

    Su – for an athlete like you, swaggering on one foot while raising the other to lower it into a kitchen sink should be a good stretch routine.

    • shoba

      August 26, 2009 at 5:08 pm

      You said it right!! It would have been child’s play for him.

  2. Manohar

    August 26, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    korn shell? 🙂


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