01 Mar

There was a time when we rarely watched Indian movies in theaters. In this month and past, it is already up to four. Watched MNIK(MY name is Khan, a Hindi movie) last week, when our friends were booking and we did not have much to do that night and again, VTV(Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya, a Tamil Movie) this week , just because we got free tickets..I have a feeling this might continue for the next few months, with parents visiting. But, I was not disappointed with either one.

MNIK(My name is Khan):
Storyline: An autistic man meets an immature old lady( Yes, she looks really old), falls in love and gets married. They lose a son to a racist attack and the path taken by the heroic,innocent,man with a good heart to meet the president and declare “My name is Khan.I am not a terrorist” forms the rest of the story.

Sharukh Khan- I have never been much of a fan, but I think in this movie, for a change,one gets to see the character than Sharukh.I would say, this is his best so far.
Story – Movies around the 9/11 theme are not rare nowadays, but this one had a personal touch. Coming for Karan Johar, a big surprise. I hate hate his movies, usually.
Music – Some songs were good and no unnecesary dancing… Again, Karan Johar might be growing up.

Kajol- Hyper, Shrieky , Old Kajol. One almost feels like shutting her up.
Story – Stretched. Lot of unnecessary drama.In spite of my crying, I didn’t feel embarrassed as the lady next to me could have had a river named after her 🙂

My related thoughts:
Due to Asperger’s syndrome, Sharukh doesn’t look at people in the eye. It is very similar to the way blind Kajol looks at others in Fanaa. Just shift your sight to the right or left of the object and you are pretty much blind in all Indian movies. 🙂

This movie should be watched in DVD , with popcorn and some dips and tissues for the sensitive people.

VTV( Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya):

Boy meets girl. Hindu meets Christian.Karthik meets Jessie. A Director’s assistant meets a software engineer. Parents don’t approve and what happens in the end forms the story.Sounds familiar ??Yes, it is. Very much. But, old wine in a sweet bottle.

I used to get nightmares watching TR. And, I avoid his son’s movies , even on DVD. The free tickets lured me to this. Should say, not disappointed. Gautam Menon has made Simbu tone down a lot, though his characteristic mannerisms pop out in certain dialogues. But, should hand it to this guy. He has acted well and suits the role.
Trisha looks refreshing, with her classic duck walk and amazing cotton sarees and chudidhars. Wow, what a collection.Simple and elegant. Her character is quite annoying,indecisive and almost stupid.
Instead of the usual sidekicks, Karthik’s friend ( I don’t know who that is) is very very refreshing , especially the one liners between them. Brings a laugh and a smile in most of the scenes.
The movie is called A.R.Rahman’s Musical and it is. Amazing songs.Hosanna and Vinnai thandi , Manipaaya are my favorites. BGM is jarring at places but follows the mood through out the movie.

The movie gets very repetitive after the Interval, though the final twist makes it worth, I suppose.. Am not sure, actually. People might walk out towards the end, getting bored with the redundancy.

I wouldn’t say this movie should be watched in the theater, but it can be.


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2 responses to “MNIK and VTV

  1. Sri

    March 2, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    I can see that you are making cryptic reviews your style. I fully approve of this in the facebook era of 420 words!

    Nice review. I will catch both these movies in DVD

  2. Saumya

    March 2, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    First – cut! No crying for me. Enough sadness in the world as it is. But really, there should be an anti-shrieking policy for females.
    Second – it is going to be a real hard DVD sell with simbu/dimbu.
    Nice reviews Shoba


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