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Nobel who? prize

oh!! Wait..Wait.. Don’t tell me …Hmmm..Lemme guess.. Obama?…No !! Really? He won the peace prize ? Not for diplomacy?? Not for his speeches? Are you sure it is The Peace Prize ? I thought it was awarded to people who achieved something.. Oh!! They changed it now, yeah? It is awarded so he could strengthen international DIPLOMACY and cooperation between people. Are you sure that’s what Nobel intended when he wanted those 5 people to select the winner?

You don’t think so, yeah? Me too !! According to Nobel’s will, the Peace Prize should be awarded “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” And our president was nominated within a few days after he took his oath of presidency. Maybe, the other nominations were worse. Happens when people like Hitler, Mussolini get nominated. You didn’t know? Yes, they have been nominated before.

Do you know how many times Gandhi was nominated? A freaking 5 times !! Right upto 1948 when he was murdered, the year when the committee said no one was worth it. He was one of the best diplomats the world has produced. The British could not resist most of his offers. This is the month of October, Gandhi Jayanthi and Berlin wall unification ( Yes, Reagan was also nominated once….the man who helped end the cold war) .

No, I am not a republican.
Yes, I am hoping Obama will overhaul the health care here.
Yes, I am opinionated and this is my thought.
Yes, I think awards should be awarded to people who have achieved, not hoping that they will achieve in the future , though he might be the most powerful man in the world.


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Pillsbury – Please Bury

After reading about Bee’s rant of Atta available in Indian stores and with all the experiences that I have had so far with Indian store products, I should have known better. Shame on me. In we walked last sunday into this store , to buy some atta. I have been buying this brand called Sujatha, which is as close as you could get to whole wheat from an Indian store. My eyes fell on the Pillsbury brand , which specifically said “No Added Maida” and “Extra Wheat Bran Added”. My heart filled with joy and I jumped , grabbing at the 20Lb bag with all my might.Suresh had to pull me away from the bag as there was no way I could lift it. We come home, pour it and out comes this beige colored flour. I wrinkled my nose and Suresh assured me that it said “extra bran”, which might have made the whole wheat paler. 😉
Tried making rotis yesterday and it became obvious that it was actually MAIDA flour with some “EXTRA BRAN” added to give it a wheatish tinge. I could pull the rotis in all shapes and sizes and it was as sticky as ….hmmm..well… Maida.How dare they? Such a blatant lie. I thought Pillsbury being a known brand will make it authentic too. My bad, I guess. No more Indian Store Atta for me. I am sure if I had bought Pillsbury Whole Wheat Flour from a regular grocery store, it would most probably be OK.Have you observed that even the restaurant rotis here has maida added to the wheat flour.

IMG_0187 Mr.Pillsbury from Indian Store, Do you even know the meaning of durum wheat? or wheat bran or maida for that matter? Please refer to the Wikipedia and stop lying or better stop selling what you call as durum atta. I think there was a miscommunication when someone told you that durum wheat atta is actually white in colour.


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Is it just me?

Is it just me or does it happen to you too ? Whenever I stand in a line, especially in a grocery store, invariably, it ends up being the most slow moving one.  Some one in the front asks for an item which forces the person at the counter to call the manager over phone , leaving all the customers frustrated. Personally, to me, it feels like I never hold up a line. If they want something, why can’t they do it inside the store, why wait till you get to the counter..Argh!!

To understand what I am saying, here is a scenario from last night at safeway. I had to pick up a carton of Milk, some bananas,apple sauce and cooking spray.Thats it. I pick up my items at a rapid pace and run to the self checkout counter , only to encounter a long line. Instead, saw that the Express lane was fairly less crowded and so, I made my move and beat another guy to the shortest lane. So far, so good. The guy behind me, with a snicker, muttered something and went to the next counter. There I was , standing with a smug look on my face especially after seeing that the guy right in front of me at the counter had just a bouquet. Hooray!! That should be fast.  Suddenly , I see the counter-person( what are they called btw, is it cashier?) vanish..WTF?? You guessed it right . She went to look for something , which our man wanted….By now, the self checkout line had vanished and the guy , who I ceremoniously beat , had finished his purchase and left the store with a grin on his face.

Finally, she came back with a pack of cigarettes for the person. WHAT !!  If I had been delayed by a mother of a 2-year old or a disabled person, I can accept it but by a man who wants to spoil his health by smoking, no sire! that I don’t like. Right when I was finished and about to leave the store, I heard my name , turned my head only to see a colleague of mine in my line , 3 persons  behind me. My heart said to wait for him after my billing but my brain said , “No way!! I met him just an hour back and will meet him in another 16 hours, so I am not waiting for a small talk in a crowded grocery store”. I left with a shake of my head which represented “Sorry Kiddo!! I am leaving”. So much for courtesy. People who know me well would definitely know what I am talking about..


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