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Ayirathil Oruvan(2010)

Since this movie was touted as a turning point in Tamil movies and a forerunner for the mystery genre, we decided to watch it with our neighbor. And, I am a sucker for dark mystery movies like Pirates of the Carribean, , 2000 BC etc.. Give me some savages, tribal people or pirates with booties, I am hooked even if it is a crappy movie. It is always an added bonus if Johnny Depp is the hero. And, thus, ladies and gentlemen, I watched Ayirathil Oruvan with limited expectations after reading all the reviews.

Three protagonists, one foul mouthed coolie (Karthik), one wannabe glamorous, try my best to show something archaeologist/officer (Reema Sen) and one reasonably good looking archaeologist(Andrea) are on a mission to find a missing archaeologist. Apparently, the guy was supposed to have gone in search of the location of the last Chola prince,one who escaped the Pandya’s wrath and gone into exile in 13th century. The first half of the movie has some great visual treats and lots of people with bows and arrows, talking some nonsense language like Hoohah, kam cho, bar larta ,so on so forth. Yes, happy me. 🙂 After interval , once they find the archaeological site of the lost kingdom, the movie takes a totally different, dark turn and I mean literally dark too…you find people with faces darkened with coal , the whole second half. A very nice twist to the story happens right after the intermission , with the language changing to literary Tamil and some of the insane incidents in the first half fall into place. Our friend A, who barely manages spoken Tamil got totally lost in the second half and my friend L’s dad started snoring. It does get dragging though. If the second half had been cut by at least half an hour, this movie would have been excellent.

Strong points:
The novel story line. Though totally fictional , the concept is definitely worth applauding. Having seen Tamil movies that are getting crappier day by day with stereotypical angry heroes trying to woe girls, this one was a big break.

The Visuals. Kudos to the cinematographer. Some of the graphics like the snakes were really good.

The Cast. Karthik as the coolie has done an excellent job. This is the first time I am seeing his performance and should admit that he has a fruitful career ahead. Reema as usual shows off her sexuality,but the thighs…God save me.. Andrea does due justice to her role. Mediocre.Parthiban as the Chola king who aches to go back to his motherland sparkles in certain scenes.
The literary Tamil in the second half.. Nice on the ears. Hey, if one can get away with saying “En Linga Darisanam” for showing his organ, isn’t that something.
The songs are hummable. Un Mela Aasathan – neat. “Nelladia nillam enge” – by Vijay Jesudas has lot of emotions and gelled with the movie very well.

Weak Points :
The graphics. Though some were good, some were atrocious especially the jelly fish like thingys that come in the very first adventure.
The storyline… Cholas were supposedly an artistic,religious and well educated lot. My chola history comes from “Ponniyin Selvan” , which was a literary fiction based on some real events.Even assuming the guys shown in the movie are banished into caves, they should have been shown to be smart than as savages or cannibals. Doesn’t make sense. If they were good enough to create all those hurdles to protect themselves, they should also be smart to overcome them.

Obviously, the script writer or the director has been inspired by ancient Roman movies, where one gets to see barbarism. He copied even the gladiator arena, just making it visually far worse.

Length of the movie….Looks like the director wanted to capture as much as he can .The soldiers misbehaving with the cholas could have been easily cut. SNORE..

And the boobs..Even though it is a local lady with a kid, spurting blood from her breasts, wonder how the censor board let it go even for an A-rated movie.

Agreed Dravidians are dark skinned people, but when showing people who have not seen much sunlight for centuries, it is not wise to apply black paint all over their faces…..or..were they living in coal mines.. Beats me.

Well, I would say definitely a B-rate movie.As my FIL says,”Adhellam, C-center”. The raw sexual tension between Karthik and the two girls was real. One might expect it in real times , but the coolie Karthik is no gentleman and be ready to hear lot of beeps in the movie( I guess the censor board cut it out) Not that I would have understood them anyway. The concept is original, but the movie could have been lot better. Worth a watch though.


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Kuthu… Chi Chi..

If you don’t know Tamil or have never listened to Tamil Movie Songs, please skip reading the post.

A blog about the Kuthu song “Banaras Pattu” from Praveen prompted me to write this post.

Before proceeding any further, let me be clear..I am not exactly a kuthu fan, but I am also not the one who goes, “Chi..Chi…Kuthu..a? Enna Kandravi” , loosely translated to “Kuthu? A pain in the ears!! ” .

For the novice, Kuthu is supposedly a derivation from folk songs and has become a prominent fixture in almost all the Tamil movies. It was a slow transformation.In the 80s, when Ilayaraja ruled southern Music, no one had heard of Kuthus and the closest one could get was “Chinna Rasave chiterumbu unna kadikudha” in the early 90s.

Then, Rahman happened …and life changed forever. We started tapping our feet to “Saidapeta Ranipeta Petta Rap“. Lot of music directors started sprouting, then the present day Kuthu happened. The first real Kuthu song to catch my attention was “Vaadi Vaadi Naatu Kattai” , to which Neha & Prabhu Deva had danced. I still have that song in my IPOD.

I think the Carnatic Pandits , the Carnatic wanna-be Pundits and the Pundits who are sophisticated and the ones who think they are sophisticated were listening up to this point , with just a slight shake of their head and controlling the urge to tap their feet and dance.

Then the ultimate “Manmadha Rasa” happened and the Pundits started banging their heads. What they did not realize was that they were banging to a beat. The face had a scorn, the head was bleeding but the Public was applauding..

Last year, the mega “Nakku Mukka” became a hit even before the movie got released. The pundits were aghast , started retracting into their shells and blogs, spewing venom at Vijay Anthony, organizing meets to bring sanity back to music.

Whew!! I am so happy that I am not one of the Pundits. I think Kuthu is a genre that dancers will appreciate more than Musicians. There is a beat to most of them as long as you don’t worry about the lyrics. Considering the ever famous “Nakku Mukka“,I wonder how the dancers’ limbs are still intact. The female version…IMO, an amazing range !! I wish my voice could go to that pitch. There are lot more to appreciate in Kuthu songs, if one is broad minded enough.
I can listen to Shankara Bharanam, Roja, Kaminey,Taal,Nakku Mukka,Kurai Ondrum Illai…in that order.

No wonder I was dancing back stage for “Raangi Rangamma” in the recent Tamil Light Music Event I was MCing.. I think Udith Narayan’s voice gives a special touch to it.

In a survey, apparently,mostly the youth wanted to dance to Kuthu songs and people aged 30-40 claim they are forced to watch& dance to kuthu songs .Given a choice they wouldn’t. Wonder what the reason was for the elders, aged 60-70 who enjoyed our show and didn’t leave till the ending of all the kuthu songs..

You might attribute my on-stage dancing last weekend for “Daddy Mummy” from Villu,to the couple of gray hairs that I found while brushing ……

You might attribute my liking of Kuthu songs to Middle age crisis.. or not..


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