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Poor Pandu

One day,little Pandu and Gundu are walking down the street. Here is some history. Pandu was an average worker who did not have a sweet tooth where as Gundu, in spite of diabetes, just loved candies. Pandu liked to plan and execute whereas Gundu was a big time risk taker. Gundu was aching for sweets very badly on that day.On their walk, Gundu meets Mr.Seth , a nice broker ,who offers him $20 as an interest only loan ( ~ 7% APR)to buy some candies, duly getting the proper loan papers signed.

Now, our Seth is a shrewd man who likes instant money and sells these loan papers to a local money lender( Mr.Vangi) for $30, citing all the interests that Gundu would be generating every month.

But, the money lender , even wiser, pats himself in the back and sells the papers to a huge Investment Shark( Mr.Annamalai) for $40. Mr.Annamalai was like the local Dhadha and was relying on all the mamools from people like Gundu. But, he had to have insurance. And Mr.Mandu, a man who prides himself on doing the right thing with a keen eye, assures Mr. Annamalai that he guarantees the money. Gundu, Seth, Vangi, Annamalai and Mandu could all be seen ,hand in hand,singing “Happy, Indru Mudhal Happy”.

Unfortunately, Gundu’s diabetes became worse and he lost his job. There was no way he could pay the Seth that money. But, in the chain ,Annamalai is the party affected……Now, Mr. Annamalai is panicking and turns to Mr. Mandu…”Well….you gave your word”… Mandu realizes that he is actually a real fool and turns to the local arasanga association , where Pandu and others have donated their money. The Arasanga association decides to help Mandu by loaning him $30 , making sure he returns it back by March of 2010 , as it is the hard earned money of Pandu and others.

What does Mandu do? He knows he has to return the money but since he loves candies for himself, uses the $30 to get himself all kinds of chocolates, cakes and what not….. Poor Pandu …..Stupid Arasanga Association to have been so gullible… Idiot Gundu……. Mr.Mandu is the only guy who has profited so far……



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