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A foot small

“Why don’t you walk and let me see your stride.”

“Rick, I think her left ankle is a little wobbly. Can you take a look?”

One more cat walk,as you know, cats are very steady on their feet. No more wobbling for me.

“Ya…I think her left foot kinda rolls out. A neutral should be good.”

“Lets try these New Balance.”

“Oh! btw, did I tell you that my left foot is 6.5 and right is 6.0. Can you accommodate that. ”

“No sweat. Lot of people have that. I will start with 6.5″

” Also, my ankles are very thin. My toes are wide and my arch is kinda high. So, if you get me a very wide shoe, it might be loose at the ankles. If we go for size 7, that would be way too loose for my right foot, which is tiny. If you think you can make it tighter by tightening the lace with a butterfly style,my arch is way too high and it hits the nerve on top of my foot.Ouch!”

Phew!! The running store woman had it cut out for her. We finally found a Brooks, size7,wider at the toes and snug at the ankles, with the lace not too tight.

I blame the artifact that I call my foot,on Ponneswari. I was in 5th grade, studying in a school where sports accounted for snake crawling, rucksack hopping, frog croaking, legs tied together running( very funny indeed!) and the ubiquitous lemon and spoon race. If there is one thing in life that I was good at, it was Balancing. You might be able to bend over and twist your arms & legs trying to imitate a one legged crane, but when it came to balancing a lemon on a spoon while running with your eyes crisscrossed and hands spread out like an eagle, I was the girl except for Ponneswari. On that sunny day, one would have expected me to be the runner up but as luck would have it, I had to compete with P in the very first round. You see the dilemma..Though I was better than everyone, I would be eliminated just because the stars aligned to betray me and out of the race in the first round. There I was, right behind her, and left of her, focusing on the lemon and Ponneswari on the right as well. Just when I was about to overtake her, she stared at me superciliously, running fast. The ever persistent persona, I ran and beamed with pride when I thought I won only to note that P had actually stopped at the finish line and I was running way to the front, with a stupid grin on my face.

With my ego and self-respect hurt, from that day on, my whole right side just refused to grow to the right size, a smaller eye , a smaller foot, a smaller arm…. always frightened of Ponneswari.And my dream of winning the Olympics in lemon and spoon race lies shattered.


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