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Inglourious Basterds


If you are a Tarantino fan, this movie is for you. It is full of sharp dialogues, cool moments and excellent acting, with the usual dose of violence.Having seen Valkyrie , a movie based on actual events, one of the foiled assassination attempts on Hitler, I was expecting something similar with “Basterds” when I just read its outline. But, hell No !! Basterds is very much a fiction.

Tarantino has said that despite its being a war film, Inglourious Basterds is a “spaghetti western but with World War II iconography”

The Inglourious Basterds are a team of Jewish Americans led by Lt.Aldo , who enter Nazi-occupied France with one and only goal…to brutally kill Nazis..and collect at least 100 Nazi scalps each.Yes, you heard it right.You see them collecting the scalps. Special mention should go to the “Bear Jew” who loves clubbing the Nazis to death with a baseball bat. Lets call them the Good Guys.

Now, for the bad guy.Apart from Hitler,Herman Goering, the likes of such who are the REAL bad guys, we have another villain, Colonel Landa, “Jewish Hunter”,the central antagonist, who prides himself on being a good detective and fishing out Jews and killing them. For him, its his job. Hitler is portrayed as a comedienne if I may say so.

Then happens Operation Kino, conceived by the British, taken over by the Americans- A plot to kill all the Nazi germans in one shot, when they are all watching a Cinema.

A subtle love story becomes an integral part of the movie when a German War Hero falls in love with a French Jew . Apart from Operation Kino, the French lady has her own scheme for revenge…


This movie is all about acting, acting and more acting.

First rate performance by Australian Christoph Waltz as Standartenführer Hans Landa aka “The Jew Hunter”. You get to admire him for the way he works, ruthless killer and a very good detective, yet charming. EXCELLENT , MIND BLOWING PERFORMANCE. Apparently, Tarantino originally thought of casting Leo DiCaprio for the role, but Waltz just waltzed through…No wonder he won the Best Actor Award at Cannes.

Brad Pitt as 1st Lieutenant Aldo Raine, aka “Aldo the Apache”, is marvelous to watch with his slang and is the epitome of coolness.Having watched him in “The Curious case of Benjamin Button” last week, this was a huge relief.My first Brad Pitt movie was “Interview with the Vampire” where I didn’t exactly swoon over him, but man!! this guy is too good looking and sexy. Though Pitt and his clan are as ruthless as the Jew hunter, you get to love their mannerisms just because they are on the right side.

All the other Basterds play their role to the T , which also includes Eli Roth as the “Jew Bear”, who is Pitts’ second in command.

Michael Fassbender as Lt. Archie Hicox is an handsome British lieutenant, interested in theater and hence recruited for Operation Nino. He has excelled as the snappy, quick thinking Lt.

You really get to love Daniel Brühl as Schütze Fredrick Zoller, the German war hero,who shows the human side of a German solider , by falling in love and feeling bad about killing so many people, though enemies. I almost felt sad when he gets killed by the girl he loves.

For the rest, please check out

Best Moments:

When Pitt and his two commandants try to act as Italians, not knowing much Italian to begin with….Hilarious !!

The first chapter when Waltz interrogates a French dairy farmer, about rumors that he has been hiding a Jewish family, the Dreyfuses. Landa manages to break down teh farmer and locates the hiding place of the Jews underneath the floorboards.Scary, chilling but keeps you glued to the seat.

The bar scene where the British soldier posts as a German and gets subtly interrogated by a SS soldier..

The movie moves at a very fast pace and 153 minutes just flies by. One should leave morals behind and consider this movie just plain entertainment. It is tough to digest so many killings, but there is a reason why the background is WWII, in which ~61M allies and ~20M axis forces died.Of course, the violence was a bit heavy for me and I ended up waking that night.. 🙂 Happens when you have a guy sitting next to you( no, not Suresh) who was laughing hard over every single violent scene. And you go home by 12:00 and try to get sleep..

To Watch or Not to Watch
If you loved “Reservoir Dogs” or “Kill Bill”, then this movie is a must watch.

If you cannot stand violence, please skip it. I don’t think clubbing someone to death, slicing throats,cutting scalps and carving swastikas on Nazi foreheads will be your cup of tea. 🙂

If you can stand the violence, then you should try watching just for the acting, dialogues and plain entertainment.

If you think killing is brutal, whether the guys are good or bad, please, please don’t ever try to watch it even on DVD.


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