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I fell in love with the city, the moment we reached its center. I loved Queenstown, NZ too, because of its serenity but with Paris, it was true love. What a vibrant city with lot of well dressed people. Wow! We had just two nights & one full day in Paris, but it was amazing. There is every chance that we might visit it again in our next trip to Europe.
The evening started with an interesting note when an amused taxi driver looked at us incredulously and refused to accept that we could be staying in the city center ( where the accommodations are a bit expensive), right in front of the Notre Dame church, at St. Michel’s Blvd.Yes, we radiate that feeling wherever we go. Am not sure if it is the way we dress or is it just because we look very young for our age.No, it is not the dress..I like to think we resemble some college going backpackers.Anyway, at 10:00PM, we decided to go for dinner and a walk, wondering if restaurants would be open and Viola! A crowded street full of people, every one busy and bustling around ,clients still standing in line at restaurants..and I fell in love.
The next day, we started our customary visits at Eiffel Tower. Seriously, how can one visit Paris and not boast about the single most visited monument in the world and its beauty. It is a huge iron structure and definitely has a Wow moment , the first time. We did not bother standing in the long line to reach the top.If there is one thing that both of us hate, it would be long lines and all the monuments in Paris are stuck with them. We decided to enjoy the city than the monuments.

From the Eiffel tower, on to Notre Dame, a Gothic Style Church. It was constructed in the 12-13 centuries and though we had visited a lot of churches by then, this was refreshing as the Gothic style is very different than the Roman Dome style.

It is very good to have the hotel nearby as one can go back to refresh every now and then. Most of the sites were walkable from St. Michel’s Blvd. As I said,we wanted to feel the city,and so walk we did. Apparently, it takes more than two days to browse all the paintings at Louvre and may be more to understand them. With our schedule,deeming it impossible, we walked around Louvre,took some Patel shots. Can you recognize the pyramid from DaVinci’s code.That is so PATEL.

How can a visit to Paris be without Avenue_de_Champs_Elysees(pronounced Shampselize),known as the most beautiful avenue in the world, full of theaters and shops. It almost became a bit boring, if I may say so ,if not for the crowd.

We found the French very helpful.When we were standing in the opposite platform, looking at the subway map, a lady approached us and confirmed that it was the wrong way,without us asking her. How nice.Even in the restaurants, the waiters went out of their way to talk to us in English. Totall unexpected and different from all the stories I have heard. May be, they have got used to Indians with so many of our country men visiting from London.
How can one not view the Eiffel Tower in the night. Our paris visit had to start and stop there..

Did I say it was cold?Especially, by the Siene..


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