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India-Pakistan Dream

My niece had written this poem couple of years back ,I think in her 11th grade and won some award. A guest post by Arthi.

    India-Pakistan dream

We share the same sun, moon and stars,
Then why don’t we live like a family?
We all drink water and eat the
Same kind of food
Then why do we so often spoil
Each other’s mood?
Both of us have a strong cricket team
Then why do we have to be so mean

Same kind of birds and trees doeseth
Grow and live in both our lands
Then why do we wish to see
Each of our lands destroyed?
Why are we destroying our own friends?
Why aren’t we joining hands?

See how the birds migrate to each of
Our lands without a hesitation or a glance
See how the rivers flow in both our lands
Connecting us, leaving behind a bond
See how the trees live in peace
And offer anything we please

So, lets forget everything
And start afresh again
I’m ready now aren’t you Brother?


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