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I have been attending a Toastmasters club for the past few months as it is a nice break from routine, every saturday morning. For my speeches, one particular evaluator( its always the same one!!!) keeps on telling me to improve my vocab. I know my vocabulary does not contain long complicated words, but I do know it is not limited to “is, was, the”. Well, you get the gist. I believe in using simple words while giving a speech, as you want your information to reach the audience, not go over their head. Writing is a different cup of tea. Here is an example. PGW ( my favorite author) uses the word “champ” for “chomping” . In my perusals, I have not seen any other author using the word “champ”. Most say “chomp”. Some might even say “masticate’ when it comes to animals. PGW is in a different class, but when it comes to mere mortals like us, what is it with people who think just because they use long & rarely used words, makes them good speakers or writers. Yes, I would rather try a speech using easy to understand words than ” endeavor to give a recital utilizing excessive number of complicated words”. Get it?

One more nice example I found in the web

You can say

“You will receive reactivation and assistance consistent with your requirements.”

instead of “You will get the amount of help you need.”

Personally, IMO, the first one sounds funnier and exaggerated.

Now you know why legal documents are worded the way they are.

Did you know that fear of long words has a name?



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